Range of strong and precise lifting systems to raise workpieces or plates, allowing undercut machining to be performed without danger of collisions with machine head/spindle axis.  The Riser range is available in stock with different diameters (from Ø10mm to Ø175mm) and fixed heights (from 3mm to 200mm), and also with systems adjustable in height, thus avoiding the use of expensive, heavy and bulky cubes. The Riser range, even when large sized, can be positioned without using overhead traveling cranes or lifting systems and, in any case, it ensures the stiffness required even for the hardest operations. The range is completed with ground Cross Bars with calibrated pitch, especially indicated for rotary tables and travelling column machines.All the RISER and CROSS BAR range is designed and assembled for its use together with the other FAST MILL® range systems, among them the modules, the THIRD POINTS, the MINI RANGE etc.